Ending a marriage and starting your family life over again can be an  emotional process. You’ll probably experience both pain from the past, and a hope for a better future.

It’s important for you to recognize these emotions and take logical, practical steps to help you move forward. The first important step, is to find a qualified, experienced, and compassionate attorney who can guide you through this transition and present you the best legal options.

I’m Tynesha Rhodes, an experienced divorce attorney in Conyers, Georgia. I can help people facing divorce and be the determined advocate you will need by your side. My clients, receive my personal attention focused on helping to achieve your legal objectives.

Common Issues with Divorce Cases In Georgia

Your individual circumstances and the issues surrounding your divorce will depend greatly on the unique facts of your particular case. For example, a contested divorce, is a much different legal problem than an uncontested divorce.

There are common issues though that arise most frequently in divorce. These include:

  • Property division – determining which property is marital rather than separate property; dividing up debts and assets such as home equity or retirement accounts
  • Legal separation – stopping short of a full divorce, perhaps because of religious values or the need to maintain health insurance
  • Child custody and support – deciding on parenting and visitation plans, as well as court-ordered child support
  • Spousal support – making a financial award for living expenses from one ex-spouse to the other; often called alimony

Sometimes, divorce mediation might be the wisest course of action. At other times, aggressive litigation is needed to protect your legal rights and the best interests of you and any children that may be involved. In either course of action, as an attorney with extensive divorce experience, I can help you choose the best legal options available to you and begin the process towards a positive outcome.

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