Whether you are wanting to adopt your first child or expanding your family; adoption can be a long, tedious process. When you engage a law office that is responsive, caring, and knowledgeable; can make this experience in your life go a lot smoother.

I’m Tynesha Rhodes, an experienced adoption lawyer in Conyers, Georgia and I will help you through these difficult moments by ensuring you understand the adoption process and by answering your questions along the way. I’m on your side, defending your rights, and will aggressively pursue every legal option you are entitled to.

Our office is experienced in all types of Adoption proceedings to include:

Agency Adoption — When a person, not related to the child, desires to adopt and become their legal parent.

Independent Adoption — When a close friend of the family, not related to the child, desires to adopt a child and become their legal parent.

Relative Adoptions — When a blood-related family member desires to adopt the child and become their legal parent.

Step Parent Adoptions — When a spouse desires to adopt a step child, to become their legal parent.

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